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Jumpstart Nation Conference 2024

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April 12-14

Friday 6:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 - Noon

Saturday 6:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am

Breakfast 8:00 am Saturday

Doors open at 5:15 pm each evening

Scriptural Healing Affirmations

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Healing Scriptures

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Spirit, Soul & Body

Spirit, Soul & Body Part 1

Andrew Wommack

Spirit, Soul & Body Part 2

Andrew Wommack

Spirit, Soul & Body Part 3

Andrew Wommack

Spirit, Soul & Body Part 1

Byron Mills

Spirit, Soul & Body Part 2

Byron Mills

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About Us

Byron & ​Rhea Mills

1961: Byron and Rhea were born nearly ​one month apart. They won't tell who ​was born first.

1982: Byron and Rhea have been ​married since August 21, 1982. Being led ​by the Holy Spirit to leave his pursuit of ​a Computer Science degree and her ​successful career in insurance, Byron ​and Rhea moved from Dunbar, West ​Virginia to Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin ​training for the ministry. Byron is a ​graduate of Charis Bible College in ​Colorado Springs, Colorado. He earned ​his M.A. from Life Christian University ​inTampa , Florida. Rhea and Byron have ​worked side by side raising their family ​and leading the local church in ​Maysville, Kentucky.

1986: After graduating from Rhema ​Bible College and The School of the ​Local Church, they moved to Reading, ​PA to serve as youth pastors and ​worship leaders.

1990: Leaving Reading, Byron and ​Rhea began pastoring their current ​church, Victory Christian Center of ​Maysville, Kentucky. They have seen ​many healed, set free from demonic ​oppression, raised out of comas, limbs ​grow out, bones instantly fused ​together, incurable diseases healed, ​metal implants change shape or grow. ​They have married many couples who ​have grown in grace. They've ​pioneered grace based marriage ​restoration.

Family: The joy of Byron and Rhea's ​hearts are their three adult children ​and spouses, and their grandchildren.

Their passion: To transfer what they ​have received from the grace of God ​to the next generations -- to leave a ​legacy.

Jumpstart Nation: Byron and Rhea ​host a weekday livestream that is ​reaching around the world -- Monday - ​Friday, 9 AM EST.


Jumpstart Nation

"We began in 2020 as a simple ​Facebook livestream where we ​encouraged others to speak the ​Word in the midst of a global crisis. ​We started with a handful of ​people, now, people from several ​states and around the world ​Jumpstart their day Monday ​through Friday at 9 am EST.

We have become a nation. The ​Jumpstart Nation.

We are now producing ​transformative articles, podcasts, ​conferences, books and more.

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Contact Us

Our email or snail mail, for coaching, public speaking, or to ask me about the health benefits of ​Oreos.

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Byron Mills Ministries

6031 Haymaker Drive

Maysville, KY 41056


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+1 (606) 759-7211

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We are reaching people and changing lives every ​day with our online presence. Our Jumpstart ​Livestreams, articles, conferences, books, and ​digital materials, and public ministry has changed ​hundreds of lives and the results are growing.

Thank you for your financial support and ​partnership.

Byron Mills Ministries ​6031 Haymaker Drive ​Maysville, KY 41056

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Byron Mills Ministries, Inc.

Byron Mills Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 Non- Profit Corporation, ​located in Kentucky, USA.

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Mail your gift to:

Byron Mills Ministries, Inc.

6031 Haymaker Drive, ​Maysville, KY 41056

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